Thursday, 23 May 2019

Bonus Hold Em

Bonus Texas Hold Em Poker is another variation of the very popular game of Poker. It still requires tremendous amount of skill and dedication. Once you get the hang of this game, it is very enjoyable and it can be extremely rewarding too, if played right. for that to happen, you must be proficient in the rules before you venture out and play for real with money and with people in general. This game is played on a blackjack style table and it can accommodate many players. The only difference being that the players do not play against each other. Instead, they play against the dealer. On the layout in front of each player is marked the following:

Bonus Hold Em Poker

The game begins with a player making a bet in the Ante and the Blind in the layout, each of the same value. However, one more bet can be made in the side that is marked Trips. All the players will then be dealt two cards face down, including the dealer. The betting now commences and the players can bet up to three or four times the Ante by placing the bet in the circle marked play. Next, the dealer turns over the cards for the flop, which are three in number. After this the player is at liberty as to whether he wants to place a bet or not, but the next time out when the dealer turns over the last of the two communal cards, the player must make a bet equal to the Ante if he hasn’t already bet or folded or lost the Ante and Blind bets.

The betting order is such that the players are at an advantage if they bet earlier. All the players are entitled to three or four times the Ante bet before the flop, two times the Ante after the flop and one time or an equal amount to the Ante after the River.

After the river card is dealt, the players will have to make the best 5 card hand possible from what they have available. If the players hand beats the dealers, then the Ante and Play bets win even money. If the dealers hand beats the players, the player will lose the Ante, Blind and Play bets. If they tie, it is a push. If the player beats the dealer with less than a Straight, the blind is a push.

The dealer has to qualify by having a pair or better. If the dealer does not, then the Ante bet is returned to the player.

You should make a four times pre-Flop bet with Any hand with an ace, unsuited king and 5 or higher, unsuited queen and 8 or higher, suited king with any other card, suited queen with 6 or higher, suited jack with 8 or higher, or any pair threes or higher.

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