Thursday, 23 May 2019

Double or Nothing Tournament Strategy

Double or nothing tournaments are quite different from other poker games because of their unique quality wherein only half of the tournament entries double their buy-in bets. The other half are forced to forfeit and leave the tournament with nothing in hand, as they lose their entry bet too. in light of this, you must adapt your game strategy in order to best suit this format. The person with the best format will remain in the top 5, whereas the one with no strategy will be left out. This is the only way you can profit from this game format.
In this article, we will look at changes that you have to make to your game play in order to extract the maximum from this kind of format. The various steps involved in the game will be enlisted and the things you need to do in those situations in order to survive and make it through to the top 5 will also be present. Choosing the optimal strategy for your game is the best way to succeed and only a calm head that can adapt to all situations will get you far in this game.

Double or Nothing Tournament Strategy

In the early stages of the game, your strategy will be predominantly tight. At this point, all you need to remember is that you have to conserve all your chips and make sure you are in a kind of situation where you can only play a hand when you have to. When you do have a strong hand, be sure to play it aggressively so that you do not get sucked out. Your main objective at this point in the game is to let the other players around you fight it out while you quietly play aggressive cards at a very slow pace. This will guarantee a spot in the end. Once you have made the moves that you think are good enough to get you through to the next round, all you need to do is wait and watch as the other players around you self-destruct.

Once you have progressed to the middle stages of the game, your main strategy will be to still play tight and only play your hand a few times, but aggressively. At this stage, the blinds will get relatively bigger in comparison to your stock, so what you need to do is try and steal some blinds on good positions, all the while increasing your stock. Your primary objective is to keep a healthy ratio between your stock and the blinds, however, building your stock up a notch will not hurt either.

In the late stages of the game, your goal is just to survive. Now, depending on your stock, you must either play aggressive, calm or be in a situation where you are risking very little. If you have a large stack, you should just sit the proceedings out and make the best of the position you are in, by not risking your chips. If you have a stack that is short, then you need to be more aggressive and make sure you steal a blind per round at the very least. The best people to target are the ones who have medium sized stacks at this point, because they are not too willing to lose their chips but will sacrifice some to stay in the game if necessary. Remember that you cannot hurt the ones with the big stacks at all and that your best bet is to attack the medium stacks in case your stack is short. Survival is the key at this point.

The best way to win this game is to thoroughly understand the structure before venturing into it. The better your knowledge about the game, the better it will be for your game.

These pointers should help you in knowing the strategy involved in Double or Nothing Tournaments.

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