Monday, 22 Apr 2019

How to Play Double or Nothing Poker

Double or nothing poker is now becoming a new rage amongst all the other variations of poker. Just like with all the variations, it requires skill and dedication to master. It is a very interesting game to partake in and the rewards are very enticing.

This game has different rules as compared to Hold em poker and Omaha. The game features 10 players. during the course of the game, five of these ten players get knocked out and the remaining five are awarded with twice the amount of their buy. This is where the game gets its name from and it is a very interesting format. The players have a main goal of staying in the game. Whether you have the highest chip count or not does not matter. The only thing that does matter is that you are amongst the last 5 remaining at the end of the game.

How to Play Double or Nothing Poker

There are various advantages to playing this format of poker. First of all, the players get rewarded even if you come in fifth place. in other games, you have to make it to the third place atleast , to stand a chance to win any kind of money. This is very endearing to all rookies as they will have a good chance to build up their bankroll. This game is a good way for rookies to build up their confidence in the game too. It is also a good morale boost for new players since they can do well in this kind of a game.

There are differences as compared to other variations of poker. One of the fundamental differences is being risky and trying to go big is not profitable in this game. The safer you play, the more are your chances of winning some money.

Hence, be sure to remember that you need to have a good starting hand that will catapult you into contention to win money by coming in the top five. Also remember that, if you have a hand that is worth playing, then you should bet about three times the big blind bet. Once one of your opponents raise the pot, you should raise again too. The main point is to be as cautious as possible because it is also easy to get delegated into the bottom five. Once you do this, you will see that many of the players will just choose to fold rather than lose their chips. This is an invitation for you to go all in and be an eventual winner.

This game does not require too many skills and hence it is a popular variant of poker. However, you should refrain from taking this game too lightly. You could stand to lose all that you bet, too. So, be sure to be cautious while playing and think about your next move and whether it is safe enough to raise or not.

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